I write music because my heart depends on it, I sing because my life depends on it.  It sounds extreme but what I love about music is that it defies logic.  It's been a long road but I find myself in a super happy place and the struggles have given me perspective, stories to write about and hopefully, some grace.  My journey is my challenge to always honour my own creativity, do my best work and to be part of a movement creating a new sound.  I'm fiercely competitive with perfectionist tendencies but I am learning to detach myself from the outcome of my work & focus on my intuition.  It creates a better place for me to start songs from.  I believe in the freedom of creativity and in respecting & supporting my fellow artists (you guys blow me away #respect).  In exchange for the freedom to write as I please, I vow to give music my all.  Thank you so much for being part of my journey & sharing your stories you've taught me so much & boy do I feel your love!  We are all one <3.  Amba X #peace #love