Superrlativ Collection Album: The Making Of

Hi guys!

Very excited to announce the launch of my Superrlativ Collection Album!  
You have all been asking me for an album for literally YEARS so here it finally is.

Let’s have a quick listen!

How many songs are on the album?

A MEGA 28 singles and remixes that I have released on my label Superrlativ.

Which song is your favourite?

This is really hard to answer... If I could only pick one, my favourite single is Wide Awake & Dreaming.

Which remix is your favourite?

So many AMAZING remixes! But my fave is Dave Winnel’s remix of Away.

Are you really allowed to have favourites? ;)

I mean I have to be honest, I was listening back to all of these songs the other day and I am actually really proud of all of them still after all this time. So it’s pretty hard to say because they each reflect a different moment for me and all of them have been important.

Tell us about some of the people you’ve worked with on the album?

I have been extremely fortunate to work with some of the most talented electronic producers & composers in the world - Tommy Rocks, Bearclvw, Nick Thayer, Tev Woods, Evan Duffy, Philippe-Marc Anquetil, Jay Sounds, NO SIGNE.  Not to mention the incredible remixers - Inpetto, Dave Winnel, Uberjak’d, Signal, Tigerlily, AXRG, James Bluck, The Dirty Code, M4SONIC, smiie, Teddy Cream, Tim Bell, Pyrodox & Sunset Bros.

What is the bonus content!!?

I personally love bonus content myself, so for my album I wanted to include all of the cover artwork for you guys AND this is really cool - ALL of the music videos for each song.

Where can you get the album?

You can only get the album here at and if you add this code (OPENINGSALE) you will get 10% off until Fri 11 Sept!

Amba Shepherd Superrlativ Collection Album




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